Where to buy South African Food in Adelaide

In all my trips to Adelaide I’ve been so distracted by all the amazing European influenced food and local produce that I’ve never noticed the lack of South African food until I moved here a month ago.

I got a really rude shock to discover that you can’t buy pap at Coles and while there are incredible butchers with some of the most mouth watering meats I’ve ever had, buying wors is near impossible.

There are a couple of the lovely German butchers in the markets that make a boerewors-inspired sausage. It’s well spiced and tasty but it’s not boerewors! Aside from being a heavily spiced sausage boerewors is characterised by its course meat filling. It’s gotta have the texture as well as the flavour!

I was on a mission!

Feeling homesick and missing my family’s braais I hit Google determined to find somewhere to buy wors to determined have a proper braai!

Mark Nolan’s South African Food & Booze to the rescue!

South African Food & Booze

Mark Nolan owns and operates South African Food & Booze from his home in Bridgewater. There is a retail store which you can visit by appointment and his website has the most amazing range of South African goods I’ve ever seen. Mark ships non-perishables anywhere is Adelaide and all across Australia. Their boerewors and biltong are delicious!

So what South African Food do they stock?

We walked out with about 4kg of wors to stock the freezer which was great in theory but it disappeared pretty quickly. I think I have converted my partner’s family to wors and the ways of the braai <evil grins>.

Aside from the kilos of wors I walked out with Simba Chips, Fritos, Fizzers, Tex Bars, Chockits, rusks, koeksisters, Mrs Ball’s Chutney, a stack of spices and basically half the shop. I’ll admit, I may have gone slightly overboard. But Bridgewater is a bit of a hike from where we live in Adelaide!

I was happier than a pig in mud walking out of the store stuffing my face with Fritos in one hand and Chockits in the other. The funny thing is that I probably bought more Safa food than I would normally have in my pantry in Brisbane. It never ceases to amaze me how much food is connected with our families, friends and safe, happy memories 🙂

He has an awesome range of booze – even Vanderhum which I’ve never seen in Australia! We also got some Wild Africa Cream. YUM!

Mark is absolutely charming and has the most incredible range! To book an appointment call him on 0413 175 095. Make sure you like them on Facebook and don’t forget to check out his website!


Oh, oh! He also stocks a wide range of potjies! We picked up our Size 3 potjie for a bit over $100 which has already been well loved!

Chicken Potjie

Have you discovered another South African Food place in Adelaide?

Let me know in the comments.