Where to buy South African Food in Brisbane

Brisbane has a high South African population so it’s always been really easy to buy things with pap, wors, decent biltong and lollies. There are heaps of places of buy South African Food in Brisbane. Here are some of my favourites.

Boutique Meats Kitchen

Growing up we would always go to the Boutique Meats Kitchen in Kenmore Tavern which stock maize meal, boerewors, biltong and sometimes soft drinks.

Nick and the boys have been in operation since 1994 and have some of the best sausages in Brissy! Their chicken snags are a family favourite.

All their meat is locally sourced, free range and grain fed and all that good stuff we look for in high quality meats. They employ a local chef to make their marinates and pre-made meals which are incredibly tasty and an easy alternative to take away during the week. Their Guinness Beef Pies are TO DIE FOR and it’s regularly sold out when you go in to buy them! You can call ahead and they’ll put one aside for you.

Follow the boys at Boutique Meats Kitchen on Facebook.

Boutique Meats Kitchen Kenmore

Over the years it’s gotten much easier to find South African ingredients and now most Coles and Woolworths in the inner western suburbs of Brisbane have a selection of  South African food in the international food section. I will warn you though – do not buy the boerewors from Coles or Woolies, it’s terrible! Even a lot of the bottle shops will stock a selection of South African wines and liquors like Amarula Cream.

Nuts and Jerky

Jerky and Nuts

Jerky and Nuts also have stores all over Brisbane and offer a wide range of South African groceries, different flavours of locally made boerewors, biltong, drywors.

My friend Kobus actively boycotted the store initially for claiming to be South African and calling biltong jerky 🙂 Note: biltong is not jerky! (Although it kinda is, it’s just better!) He’s since become one of their biggest customers.

Some of their stores like the one in Toowong also has a cafe where you can enjoy common South African dishes – their bunny chow is awesome!

South African Food & Booze

South African Food & Booze

Mark Nolan owns and operates South African Food & Booze from Bridgewater in Adelaide. Why am I posting this in a post about South African Food in Brisbane? Well Mark has the most incredible online store  and ships non-perishables all across Australia. His biltong is delicious!

Aside from the kilos of wors, I walked out with Simba Chips, Fritos, Fizzers, Tex Bars, Chockits, rusks, koeksisters, Mrs Ball’s Chutney, a stack of spices and basically half the shop. I’ll admit, I may have gone slightly overboard. But Bridgewater is a bit of a hike from where we live in Adelaide!

I was happier than a pig in mud walking out of the store stuffing my face with Fritos in one hand and Chockits in the other. The funny thing is that I probably bought more Safa food than I would normally have in my pantry in Brisbane. It never ceases to amaze me how much food is connected with our families, friends and safe, happy memories 🙂

He has an awesome range of booze – even Vanderhum which I’ve never seen in Australia! We also got some Wild Africa Cream. YUM!

Mark is absolutely charming and has the most incredible range! Make sure you like South African Food & Booze on Facebook and don’t forget to check out his website!

Have you got a favourite South African Food place in Brisbane?

Let me know in the comments 🙂