Crazy Thermomix Love

<In walks crazy thermomix fanatic>

I love my thermomix and my friends and family think I'm NUTS until they see it in action.

I use this miracle machine pretty much everyday and a lot more on the weekends. There's not much I don't making in or using my Thermy—sweet, savoury, breakfast, dinners, baking and more 🙂

There were a few things I would have loved to have known before I got started with my little wonder.



So my thermy shat itself... the consultant that I bought it from has not so surprisingly become VERY unhelpful and not so customer service focused.

I'm still deciding what to do... watch this space.

Here are some of my favourite Thermomix recipes

Some of them I've come across and adapted. Some of them are family favourites that I've converted to be Thermomix-friendly 🙂

Leigh Ross

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