Vegemite is a spread that most Aussies grow up on and is a staple in most households. Vegemite on toast is a common breakfast food for most Aussies. I was obsessed with Vegemite and cheese sandwiches which frequented my school lunch boxes.

Approximately 80 per cent of households across Australia have VEGEMITE in their pantries

VEGEMITE continues to be Australia’s most popular spread with more than 22 million jars of VEGEMITE manufactured every year.

Australians spread about 1.2 billion serves of VEGEMITE on toast, bread or biscuits every year. If this was all placed end to end, it would go around the world three times.



What is Vegemite?

From the official Vegemite website:

VEGEMITE is a nutritious, and undeniably delicious start to the day.

Rich in B vitamins to kick start your day, open the lid on a world of ways to Start With VEGEMITE.

The B vitamins (thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, niacin B3 and folate) in VEGEMITE help to provide vitality and energy to help get your day started. Thiamin is essential for brain function, Riboflavin supports your nervous system, Niacin is essential for energy release and Folate helps to fight fatigue.

VEGEMITE spread is virtually fat-free, with a mere 40kJ in a 5g serve, and is the perfect accompaniment for a wholesome, breakfast, lunch or snack. In fact, its unique and delicious flavour is what distinguishes VEGEMITE.

There’s nothing more entertaining…

…than foreigners (mostly Americans) trying Vegemite for the first time and eating it the wrong way.

Here’s a friendly tip…

Aussies don’t [normally] eat it by the spoonful or lather it on bread/toast like peanut butter… just sayin’.

I’d probably gag too if I was dumb enough to take a massive spoonful of it.

How to eat Vegemite

Watch Hugh show Jimmy how to eat Vegemite like an Aussie.

I love all the surprised looks and ‘oh, that’s actually nice’ comments from the yanks! Dah! It tastes great when you eat it properly.

Vegemite vs Marmite

This has been a long debate between the Brits and the Aussies. My mum grew up on Marmite and my sister and I never quite crossed the fence. We are still Happy Little Vegemites.

Because it amuses me here’s another clip tormenting Americans.

So, Vegemite or Marmite?

Let me know in the comments.