Organic Pet Food

Have you ever really looked at what goes into supermarket and commercial pet food? It’s really quite gross. I take the approach if I wouldn’t eat it, I won’t feed it to my pets.


Our beloved King Charles Cavalier Rumpole

About 5 years ago Mum was looking for a natural way to manage our beloved Cavie Rumpole’s arthritis and newly diagnosed heart condition. The vet’s automatic response was drugs. Not only was that going to run into several hundreds of dollars every month, there were going to be side effects and from past experiences with Rumpole we knew there were natural alternatives out there, we just had to look.

Mum got onto the Bones and Raw Food (BARF) Diet. Within a week we started to notice a difference in terms of his energy levels and his pain management.

About 18 months later we were recommended we try the food from The Complete Pet Food Company. Their pet meals are made with organic and free range meat (which is cruelty free guaranteed) and are balanced with a combination of fresh ingredients. It’s formulated to emulate their ‘natural’ diet.

On a side note, it’s smelled a whole lot better than the BARF food we were buying from our local pet store and the dogs weren’t as well gassy. Yeah there is no nice way to say that.

They have a range of kangaroo, chicken, goat and a wide selection of bones for both cats and dogs. You will be amazed at the care and research that goes into their cat food and dog food.

NimitzMy cats prefer the kangaroo patties…both of my fur babies are RSPCA rescue cats and had to be weened off kibble. This was surprisingly easy and only took a few days. Both of them are noticeably happier and don’t get bloated after eating like they did on kibble.

Wholesome, natural food makes a huge difference. For me that became even clearer when our beloved Rumpole passed way in March at the ripe old age of 14. His breed has an average life span is generally only around 10 years.

Jenny at the Complete Pet Food company offers free samples and will work with you to create a meal plan specifically designed for your fur child.

They’re online and on Facebook. You can also visit them at 3/8 Dallas Parade, Keperra.

If Keperra is a bit much of a hike they also do home delivery and are starting to be stocked in various retailers in Queensland. The info is all on their website.