Granny Ross’ Recipes

Over the Christmas break my grandmother came across a stack of my mother’s paternal grandmother’s handwritten recipes. There’s one recipe that looks like it was written on a page of an old diary – it’s dated Woensdag [Wednesday] 12 November 1969… there are some awesome South African recipes for things like my Great Grandfather’s tameletjie (fudge), melk tert infused with naartjie (custard tart infused with mandarin) and skaapwors (lamb sausage). Coconut Ice… a long time family favourite.

Granny Ross' Recipes

Photo: Granny Ross and Aunty June

My grandmother has entrusted them to me to help preserve them and carry on the family traditions. She said something about putting them up on that internet blog thing you have 🙂 I’ve gotten as far as scanning all the recipes to preserve the originals. Next step is to translate the mixed English and Afrikaans, convert them from imperial to metric and test them out 🙂

Food is such a wonderful way of passing on and sharing traditions. Since moving to Adelaide I’ve been making a lot of old family favourites for comfort and immensely enjoyed sharing my family’s recipes with my partner’s family.

There’s something magical about having the recipes that my great grandmother used and shared with my grandmother–and now me. I never got to meet Granny Ross, she passed away years before I was born. It feels more than a little cool to be able to share this part of her.

Looking at my Great Grandfather’s tameletjie recipe reminded me that, somewhere in one my books, I have a recipe for my Scottish Great Grandmother’s Scottish Tablet. I might have to make the tablet and the tameletjie and put them for a vote 🙂