Canoe the Coorong

For my birthday this year, my wonderful boyfriend planned a mega weekend of a my favourite things which he would only reveal as we were on route to the next location.

On the Sunday he tossed me out of bed at some ridiculous hour to drive down to Hindmarsh Island. After about 10 minutes in the car, he finally reveals we were going to Canoe the Coorong!!

Canoe the Coorong tours showcases one of South Australia’s best kept secrets. It a bit over an hour and half drive (85 km) south of Adelaide.

I LOVE kyaking. And the Coorong definitely didn’t disappoint. It has to be some of the most spectacular bodies of water that I’ve paddled. And dem be fighting words for this Queenslander who firmly believes my home state has the best scenery Australia has to offer.

Canoe the Coorong

Canoe the Coorong is the brainchild of Brenton who started the business as a uni assignment. He’s a South Australian local who is passionate about the preservation of it local treasures and has a wealth of knowledge about the Coorong region and its history.

Exploring the Coorong and Murray Mouth region

We did the Coorong Tour which is a cruisy day-long kayak tour of the Coorong and Murray Mouth region. On our way out from Hindmarsh Island we were greeted by a cheeky little fur seal. The cheeky little thing would pop up right next to the kyaks to say hello. Totally fearless.

Cheeky Fur Seal

Cheeky Fur Seal

It’s a fully catered tour with delicious home made bread rolls, cakes and cookies. Chhiu-Se hoed into his freshly cooked Coorong Mullet Burger (freshly caught by Brenton the afternoon before) while I enjoyed a lovely fresh ham salad roll. Brenton is fantastic at catering for allergies. He was really considerate of me while cooking the fish and really care not to contaminate my food with anything fishy. There we also a selection of gluten free options (make sure you let him know about any dietary requirements when you book!). He sources all his food locally and is fierce about ensuring quality produce.

What is super cute is that Brenton makes all the cakes and cookies with his mum and nanna! He was telling us that when they first started out his grandmother would bake for the tours. Now once of month he gets together with his mum and nanna for a baking day to restock the homemade goodness for his clients.

Nanna'a Famous Biscuits

Nanna’a Famous Biscuits. Absolutely MOREISH!

After lunch we went for a wonder around the Murry Mouth and on the beach of the South Sea. Brenton talked about the local pippies and showed those in the group dumb enough to enter the freezing cold water how to hunt for pippies.

So here’s how you shimmy for pippies…

Talk about shaking your groove thang for a feed! Chhiu-Se swears the water wasn’t that cold. It’s the bloody Southern Ocean in March!!! There was a snowballs chance in hell you were getting this little Queenslander in cold water. Just sayin’!

Highlights from the trip

I was honestly too distracted by the breathtaking scenery to take photos. I’m shocking at taking photos of my trips. Thankfully Brenton takes photos throughout trip and there’s an option of buying a USB of the photos at the end of the tour.

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Where is it?

Not convinced?

Just do it. There wasn’t a minute that we didn’t enjoy and we are planning to go on the overnight tour with him early in the near year.

Book online and make sure you follow Canoe the Coorong on Facebook while you wait for your to tour date!

Check out Brenton’s Canoe the Coorong promo vid!