Buttercream Decorating Classes at Baldocks

I’ve been baking since I was able to stand on a chair and manage stir a bowl. There’s very little I won’t attempt to bake. Cake decorating on the other hand, that’s something I’ve never quite mastered.

Since moving down to Adelaide, I have much more of an excuse to brush up on my cake decorating skills. We have nieces and nephews here who are still little enough to get swept away in the magic of character cakes. [Read: Aunty has an awesome excuse to bake!]

While my past attempts haven’t quite been #bakingfail, I haven’t been thrilled with them (check out Thomas!). I would have loved to attempt more bold techniques (Ninja Turtles). Time (and patience) has always gotten the best of me.

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Mostly my buttercream has been pretty average. And well I’ve only recently discovered the wonders of gel colours. So many of my less than perfect attempts have been with the Queens icing packs from Woolies or Coles [read: so much colouring your teeth turn blue].

I’ve started to experiment with the gel colours after my sister started talking about them. On a side note, sadly, gel colours have a tonne of allergens including nut and shell food traces (some labelled better than others). I’ve done a stack of research into different Australian and US products – I’ll write up my findings after I’ve played with the new colours I’ve just ordered.

The perfect buttercream has still alluded me! Until now…

Cake Decorating Classes @ Baldocks

On the back on the kidlets birthdays this year I started looking for local classes. Conveniently, my birthday was right around the corner when I finished researching the course I wanted to do.

So much of the cake ‘fashion’ in Adelaide seems to be based around fondant. Don’t get me wrong fondant cakes look incredible, I just don’t particularly like the taste on fondant. After much research I found a Wilton Accredited Buttercream Course at Baldocks on Queen Street.

Robynn at Baldocks runs Wilton courses on Saturdays over four weekends.

In our first class, Robyn was able to debunk and answer what many of my questions (which were actually very basic technique issues) that meant my buttercream went from:

to Cake Decorating Classes at Baldocks









I’m THRILLED! I can’t wait for the next class!!