Granny Ross' Recipes

Granny Ross’ Recipes

Over the Christmas break my grandmother came across a stack of my mother’s paternal grandmother’s handwritten recipes. There’s one recipe that looks like it was written on a page of an old diary – it’s dated Woensdag [Wednesday] 12 November 1969… there are some awesome South African recipes for things like my Great Grandfather’s tameletjie…

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Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Buttercream

Buttercream Decorating Classes at Baldocks

I’ve been baking since I was able to stand on a chair and manage stir a bowl. There’s very little I won’t attempt to bake. Cake decorating on the other hand, that’s something I’ve never quite mastered. Since moving down to Adelaide, I have much more of an excuse to brush up on my cake…

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Braai Food Odyssey

What is a braai?

If you are a South African, you definitely know the answer to that question. So what’s a braai I hear you ask? Braai (short for braaivleis) is Afrikaans meaning a barbecue or picnic where essentially we cook and consume a lot of meat. Braai = cook. Vleis = meat. To braai means to grill (mostly…

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Canoe the Coorong

Canoe the Coorong

For my birthday this year, my wonderful boyfriend planned a mega weekend of a my favourite things which he would only reveal as we were on route to the next location. On the Sunday he tossed me out of bed at some ridiculous hour to drive down to Hindmarsh Island. After about 10 minutes in…

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The end of our Soulful Ribs

The Soul Food Pop up

A close girlfriend decided my sulky self needed to be dragged out of the house for a (long overdue) girls’ night out. What an inspired idea. And what better way to blast away the blues than with delicious sticky soul food.

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Leigh Ross

Some of my earliest memories are cooking with my mum and great grandmother. I learned from a young age that one of the most loving things you can do with your family and friends is share a meal.

This is my Food Odyssey.

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