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Where to buy South African Food in Brisbane

Boutique Meats Kitchen Kenmore

Brisbane has a high South African population so it’s always been really easy to buy things with pap, wors, decent biltong and lollies. There are heaps of places of buy South African Food in Brisbane. Here are some of my favourites. Boutique Meats Kitchen Growing up we would always go to the Boutique Meats Kitchen…

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Where to buy South African Food in Adelaide

South African Food & Booze

In all my trips to Adelaide I’ve been so distracted by all the amazing European influenced food and local produce that I’ve never noticed the lack of South African food until I moved here a month ago. I got a really rude shock to discover that you can’t buy pap at Coles and while there…

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Vegemite is a spread that most Aussies grow up on and is a staple in most households. Vegemite on toast is a common breakfast food for most Aussies. I was obsessed with Vegemite and cheese sandwiches which frequented my school lunch boxes. Approximately 80 per cent of households across Australia have VEGEMITE in their pantries…

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Organic Pet Food

The Complete Pet Company

Have you ever really looked at what goes into supermarket and commercial pet food? It’s really quite gross. I take the approach if I wouldn’t eat it, I won’t feed it to my pets. The Complete Pet Company stocks amazing organic pet food (and cruelty free guaranteed) your fur children will adore.

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Balsamic, Rosemary and Chilli Fettuccine

CT Fine Foods

I stumbled across this amazing pasta made by Queensland owned and run CT Fine Foods at the Brisbane Fresh Markets. They have a pretty good range of handmade fresh pasta including a fabulous selection of really tasty gluten friendly linguine and fettuccine.

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