South African Food

Where to buy South African Food in Brisbane

Boutique Meats Kitchen Kenmore

Brisbane has a high South African population so it’s always been really easy to buy things with pap, wors, decent biltong and lollies. There are heaps of places of buy South African Food in Brisbane. Here are some of my favourites. Boutique Meats Kitchen Growing up we would always go to the Boutique Meats Kitchen…

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Chicken Potjie

Potjiekos is a South African slow-cooked, stew-like dish cooked over a fire in a potjie. I say stew-like because potjiekos is not really a stew, its cooked with very little liquid and it is not stirred. Potjie translates to ‘small food pot’ and is traditionally a three-legged cast iron pot. It’s similar to the cast iron…

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What is a braai?

Braai Food Odyssey

If you are a South African, you definitely know the answer to that question. So what’s a braai I hear you ask? Braai (short for braaivleis) is Afrikaans meaning a barbecue or picnic where essentially we cook and consume a lot of meat. Braai = cook. Vleis = meat. To braai means to grill (mostly…

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