Australia Post You ROCK!

I posted my first care package to my sexy sailor today. I feel pretty helpless with being able to support him when he's so far away and I really miss having him around.

I know it sounds really silly but baking makes me a little closer to him. When he's home I always have some kind of cake (generally fruit cake) and / or biscuits in the pantry for him.

Care PackagesThe ADF have a free postage service (BX2 sized boxes under 2kgs) for families sending things to their loved ones deployed overseas. So I bought the right sized boxes and packed them carefully (weighed them on the Thermomix to make sure they were less than 2kgs).

When I got to the Post Office the lady serving me saw the address label, smiled and asked me how long had he been gone for. Her husband had been in the service for 13 years and has spent a lot of time away from home on various deployments.

My parcels were about 150 grams over. I was so annoyed. Admittedly I did pop a few other little things in the box on my way to the Post Office.

Instead of having to unpack them she shuffled the box around… still over weight.

I started to work out what I was going to unpack and put in the next lot of pacels I would send.

She told me stop. She then cut little bits of the inside flaps of the box, and continued to do so until the box came just under weight.

How's that for fabulous customer service!! She totally made my day and better yet my sailor is going to have the biggest smile on his face when he gets his complete 'morning tea' parcel 🙂