Leigh's Food Odyssey

The way to a man's person's heart is through their stomach. Some of my earliest memories are cooking with my mum and great grandmother. I learned from a young age that one of the most loving things you can do with your family and friends is share a meal.

To say I love food is a bit of an under statement. I love shopping for it, cooking it and eating it. Most weekends you'll find me at the Farmers' Markets pondering what nom noms I'll make during the week.

Like most Aussies, my heritage is a bit of a mixed bag. As a first generation Australian my cooking is heavily influenced by my South African and Scottish heritage with a twist of south east Asian (part and parcel of growing up in Queensland!) and the other wonderful flavours I discover along the way.

This is my Food Odyssey.


Sweets & Desserts

Snacks, Sides & Party Food

Main Meals

Leigh's Favourites

My favourite foods change day to day, season to season... what's available at the Farmers' Market or on the specials board at my latest favourite restaurant đŸ™‚

Here are some of my current favourite recipes.


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